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tion showed that there was no induration in or around the vaccination
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more widely known as a restorative for infants as well as adults
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l^i|yir In Diabetic Urine Detected by Salphurio Acid 314
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confusion has arisen as to its meaning. It is sometimes applied when the
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during sleep. The drowsiness may pass into coma which may be pre-
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There are three forms of dotage, namely — senile dotage, or loss of
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sanitary condition of any dwellings or properties of the
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son for the indiscriminate use of any medicinal agent.
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1905 d. — Zum Ban des erwachsenen Ankylostoma duodenale. [Review of Looss,
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A singular case is reported by Dr. Aug. Dixey in the Lancet,
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At the Chicago Horse Show, which was held the last week