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of the 6th, and high winds blew on the 9th and 26th. It is remarkable
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that a thorough physical examination of the patient be made, and if
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a constitutional complication antedates any local disturbances.
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Med. and Surg. Jour.") says the oldest case of hip dislocation
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Commendations bestowed upon our Aspirators, by physicians familiar with the latest European
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same way as the patch upon the lip, and the ear was very much
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decline of the disease was promoted, the effused material
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which the conditions are thoroughly understood is pebrine of silkworuLS
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with this piece of advice, that if the reader wants to know some-
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ralysis of the right side. He remained without any material
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quinine ; for the diarrhoea leptandrin and sub. nit. of bismuth,
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In spinal meningitis there is usually greater fever and
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its spirit, invoking the wrath of the elements, as more merci-
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covered with a layer of this metal. The count may be interesting to our readers,
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designed to provide the highest quality coverage and
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Union Pass, August 11, 1894 (No. 829); Saw Mill Creek, May
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vouchers are on file and have been by us examined and
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victory to be proud of) is an army product altogether. The large per-
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chemists in England, and also by French physiologists in tlie same
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who travel from all parts of the world and first lay eyes on
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of Prof. Palmer's book. Asit now stands the language
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powerful as they should be, the contractions are weak and inade-
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great improvement upon the less cleanly methods then in vogue.
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rilized air ; and it was thus that, after four punctures
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pulses registered by a string galvanometer. Although this method is
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upon a mucous membrane, as on that of the eye or of the mouth, is
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the chest ; the heart was slightly dilated, but otherwise in the normal
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ent Board of Trustees, and they have all recognized
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the man attempted to descend into the sink to complete the work, the contents being then
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servation of concealed diseases. As this is a regular pro-