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It is obvious that all articles used in grooming should be
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Rate. — The mean rate for each lead was calculated by determining
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pended upon, as the intensity of the disease was so
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theria," and " Membranous Croup." From these it appears that from about
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May 14, 1915 — Since enucleation of tonsils patient has been well except
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vey of the pathology of the affections described. Nor
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respiratory sounds, &c. ; and the diagnosis must depend upon
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Obtainable from druggists in 8 oz., 17 oz., 5 lb. and 10 lb. tins
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county, and was riding upon a load of hay in the early part of the day.
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Assistant Attending Pediatrician, North Shore University
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are the channels for the impulses which give rise to
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Taking into consideration these cases which we have just quoted, and which
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by a pointed instrument and slowly worked of the blade, and then
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go to work at once to equalize the circulation by the use of
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pulmonary congestion or apoplexy of the left lung, and
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production ; and this for the quite sufficient reason that we
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allowed to lie and bleed to death by driblets from the
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Control by the Police. — An order of the Commission of