thought of the operator. There are enough factors in
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statements which show a lack of scientific knowledge and an incorrect
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effort to expel offending matter from the womb, and to aid in
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lief from the drops was repeated by the patient and his mother
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tion, and in very many cases does not rise again. In the mildest attacks
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ure gave negative results 6 times and positive 8 times. The latter included
this case the absence of local symptoms ; although the
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rable number of children are botn alive. Turning should always be performed in placenta
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of no avail. Since the scouring is of suc^ an erratic nature in
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vascular sheathing above this inferior peripheral lesion. Left untreated, this
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greater satisfaction than to do this, not once only but
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was an unusual outburst of neuralgia, there was al-
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that is to say, towards the divisions of the third and fourth order —
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increase in the number of volumes, only one hundred and thirty-three
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I found the ulcer healed, and that the intra-uterine irritation had en*
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Court; the house officer may become a great surgeon.
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Sedatives and antispasmodics are often indicated, and mal-
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ducing or increasing the spinal deformity. The degree of
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reason, that we have completely triumphed over pulmonary phthisis.
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clusion was at first come to that two projectiles had entered, one
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Professor Schmidt, of Leipsic (Archiv fur Hnlhunde^ ix. p. 391), reports the
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(44) ; but even if this be so, healthy tissues are to a certain extent
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5. Near this are four caruncles, or fleshy knobs, commonly
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been very much fliminished since they have gone int<^i
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the wound, then take lard and -'sufficient turpentine to cut
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half-tone illustrations. As a whole, the plates are sur-
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be a thorough study of bovine pneumonia in all its various phases as
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came from districts where endemic goiter is so prevalent, that minor
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metastatic from an infected wound in the perineum) ; thrombus
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digestive organs characterised by flatulency and irritability of the
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Delamotte, during an epizootic among some artillery horses, had
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[Read before Soc. med.-chir. di Pavia, 22 trennaio] <Gazz. med. ital., Torino,
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resigned from his positions in Buffalo. During the same year Dr. Ham