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deadly soothing syrups and other narcotics to secure peace and quiet;
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way which we saw was used at the inquest on the Earl of Atholl
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eral attitude of letting well enough alone, constantly
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of you who have been present at these meetings will agree
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.This is a note by Mr. Ck>oper in reply to M. Rivaod-Landrau's pi^er upon the subject noticed
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At six or seven, when the deaf child enters school, he is like the hearing
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Union, and small portions of Celbridge, Naas, and Dunshaughlin
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practicable, adhesive straps, a compress of cotton saturated with
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completely closes the " dead space " spoken of, and,
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ing of the third day the water was passed through the catheter only,
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titrated, and the mixture is made up to 1.3 cc. in each tube. After
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ler's fluid. It is claimed, however, that better penetration is
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Diarrheas which are so prevalent among troops in the field are
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when the patients found out the nature of the powder they
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ment, and in fifteen days the patient was sent out of the hospital.
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difficulty only, and at a great extra expense, in the
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tive cases, without a death. One great reason for the
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Sutton. The method of investigation adopted was as follows :
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Mayor of Hamilton, one of the invited guests of the Association,
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5. Effect of Bicarbonate on the Albuminuria and Renal Functional
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selves from an opportunity of seeing this work con-
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experimental physiology and pathology are carried on.
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witches, on the other hand, were able to exert their
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growth has occurred. As in Dr. Gardner's case, none of the
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with carried out. The cystic duct was tied off with