the excellent photographs, from which these illustrations

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masses in the prostate may be the starting-point of the disease.

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with which he is well pleased, would send a specimen to

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more tubes. Some of them secrete gastric juice; others mucous.

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men in the mill. An organization has now been in operation for four

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patient, who had been accostomed to sewing constantlj, became

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at Fort Douglass. Utah Territory, October 9, 1888. at twenty-

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well as providing plants with nitrogen. The nitrogenous

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given result, we must consider that what may seem best

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the epithelial cells of an inoculated area by Pfeiffer, Guarnieri, Monti,

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be governed by the blood-pressure curve, which should be

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end of the fever or iu early, sometimes in late, con-

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tracted, the conjunctivse are congested, and the action of the

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of reaction in some degree with closely allied bacteria, does not militate

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and spleen.' But, although the swine had been infected by the

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organic in their origin. He points out that, apart from the question of

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Symptoms. — The limb is semi-flexed while standing still, and

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ments may be driven in and made to penetrate deeply into

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in the Tower of Segovia, we feel that he has received

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of from eight to ten days is made. Then the injections are recom-

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movements of both of these structures when the duodenum

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At this time there was no office of county physician. The post of coroner was

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and also suggested that external irritation might be a causative factor

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which will last and afford a perpetual munition of defense against


between normal and 103°, Avhile the pulse was Aveaker and more rapid.

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ting of small-pox, it would answer a good purpose if families were

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been damaged by these other agencies. It is true that Metschnikoff has

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inches below the umbilicus. The skin was very tliin, adipose

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Autopsy. — Open tubercular lesions, caseat purulent in lungs;

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A woman, aged 38} for the second time pregnant, had the

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might not cause a hyperesthesia of the sensitive nerve trunks

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will be required for puff pastry ; a good plan to test the proper

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inexperienced practitioners, who have barely laid aside the swathings of

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H. Briggs, Asheville, N. C; Arthur L. Jones, Silas Creek, N.

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1944, Dr. James F. Bosnia left Minneapolis on September