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and loses the color when treated by Gram's method. Spores are not found.
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entirely avoided, on account of their frequent content of toxins. [Widal
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cetacei) may be employed. Glycerin, although frequently used, has the
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no doubt aided by the great improvement in her general health
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warm bath either a decoction made by boiling 500-1000 G. (1-2 lb.) of
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pelvic cavity. The anterior side of the head is in advance of the
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thus affected, but occasionally only the peritoneal one, as in this
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although there is no doubt but that in a large number of cases,
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yellow, or green, and the fevers are less congestive, milder, and
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spinous process of the ileum. The needle is introduced its whole
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During March, 1909, I collected about 20 young normal pups
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mentation synonym
Guinea-pig 51: January 21, 1909, wt. = 68o gm. 0.1 gm. oidiomycetes intraperi-
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mentation disorder
the conjunctiva became more vascular, and presented a spongy
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after crisis, the phagocytic power of the leukocytes was found to
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Nyctipithecus was inoculated from a guinea-pig. The period of incubation was
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The thymol fresh lung extract animal developed less tuberculosis than the con-
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nized by injections of the extract of another organism than BIR,
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fevers are most rife, there have been no great public works to ob-
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phonuclear leukocytes are also present. The agglutinated red
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tion, yet that alone will not produce the disease. During 1867, in
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one hour would be sufficient to infect a guinea-pig, but it was soon
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The abdominal parietes, testicles, seminal vesicles, and diaphragm are peppered
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Etiological Therapy. — The therapy of bronchial asthma must be
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or may be about normal in appearance; it surely, however, will
mentational entity
accumulations of round and epithelioid cells with an organism
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decrease it. If the intoxication shows itself only in a moderate diar-
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Therapy of Neoplasms of the Intestinal Wall, Enteroptosis, and Intestinal
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By attempting to effect these objects by complicated construc-
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eyes, the only feasible explanation could be that the outer half of
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isfactory. In the majority of cases when the oidiomycosis cannot
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are taken by many patients with much less discomfort than is ordi-