the areolae of the spongy tissue of the short bones, and to the diploe


lesion, for the oedema and other inflammatory changes persist long after the

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])ercent. ; of 22 inter-i)artum cases six, or 27.2 j)ercent;

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reception of the President's address till the afternoon session

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chest Avail Avith a flap of muscle, and suturing the skin Avith inter-

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be limited to the brain ; and even older writers, such as Ross, admitted

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to regard these growths as the cause and originators of this


broad as the hand, extends downward from the level of the normal hepatic dull-

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eight hours — the shorter period occurring, no doubt, in those cases where

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following instance of bulbar disease, the issue of which was a great shock

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limited to flexor surfaces of limbs, or to the inguinal region, armpits,

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and often insatiable. There is usually constipation, but occasionally

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see Mrs. R., aged 32, a slight and delicate-looking woman, but

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without any definite arrangement, or arranged in a single, or

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from this plant, no satisfiictory conclusions can be drawn as

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you through ocean mists and dreamed anxious dreams. Yes, and cried

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first with small doses, so as to avoid the inception of a hypnotic quantity.

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French and a few German authors believe that the one bears no rela-