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but when informed that the supply was exhausted her courage
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those who settle in rude rural districts, in which society is neces-
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had th^ desired effect, by bringing the poison out. By
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should be brushed with this three or four times a day. It is
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there acquire, parrot-like, the names of the various organs of the
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Taylor. This subsequently moved to the present site
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(xxi.) for prescribing and regulating the cleansing and disinfection
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' Iht. DouOLAS: Dc'tr Sir— In reply to yonr note respecting: my in-
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October 12th. — Severe pain in left gluteal region,
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pected manner, for, although the majority of the patients have
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to be about as large as a marble. The gall-bladder was then
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some toxic matter in the blood. Granular degeneration and swelling of
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referred to. Finally, for the sake of completeness, reference may
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the fore legs, this conclusion may be a correct one.
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muscles. Nerve force is at a high tension and should be guided to the develop-
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water. This should not be used, of course, where a perforation of
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which is soon decomposed, and causes inflammation, ulcera-
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have not been observed until forty years after the individual has been in
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diet, I would mention that the Scotch peasants are great con-
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conditions, while the lungs may present a variety of lesions, the
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and there were no signs of general peritonitis. The operation lasted
will venture the opinion, inalured by eleven years' constant duty at the
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inflammation be present, cups, or what are more appropriate, leeches,
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out in proper form on the spot, and were read to her.
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semi-fluid mixture, termed "cancer juice." The more dry and
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of the face. They were all more or less circular in form, of a
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studded with abscesses. The mental condition is usually unimpaired,
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A. F. Price, medical inspector, detached from the " Olympia "
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up, and became gradually weaker until the date of his admission. The
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tissue of the right side of 20 c.c. of this serum. The very evening
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lowed to stand for several days at 37°C., but no new culture devel-
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complete valve in doing the operation, which is the object desired in all
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because even at the present day the same facts are being
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forms in the cord in or near the central canal and extends into the
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dition in joints as " pachysynovitis haemorrhagica."
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