holic paralysis involving the cerebral centres, with rather rapid advance
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the superficial origin of the V nerve (fig. 9) it lies dorsally of the
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ing disease of the urinary tract as well as to the enfeeblement of vitality
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tion of blood ; it very commonly causes a free circulation
vice of Dr. Dean Lewis of the Presbyterian Hospital in 1913, with complaints
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out too much water. Our carelessness gives the Doctors
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Kotershall, Edward Frank, s, Cleveland, Ohio. Western Reserve U. Medical S.
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the umbilicus. The temperature and pulse steadily rose for three days,
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the Association, the Nominating Committee shall present new nominees
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The mixed alkaloids, or quinetum, may be used in milder cases of
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the colohoma as far as the root of the iris. The central portion of
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of the centre of the tumor affects not only the epithe-
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be given to the adhesions which are likely to occur during the
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Venereal Dis., Harv. Univ. Contrib., "Herpes progenitalis,"
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these nitrogenous metabolites, it is important to observe the manner of
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medulla oblongata. Statistics seem to show that the abscess is more
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listed Men’s Club at Ft. Snelling; Henrik Egede Nissen, graduate of the Min-
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why did these "valuable properties" suddenly disappear soon after May 15? These are questions the answers
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