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The Congress will put the people of this country in the relation of

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only to remove the conditions upon which the rheumatism

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of men aged from 21 to 30 years, taken direct from civil life, and

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of a total of 25 cases of neuritis of the optic nerve, Qalezowski only

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profoundly septic, with acute general peritonitis and

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and is the only instance I have known in which progressive

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each in the acute stage, is very rare indeed. In observations spread

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On the surface of the diseased lung and to a less ex-

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Clavicle and humerus, on dislocations of the. By W. Brown 219

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focus of explosion, it may happen that only the clothes worn by a

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restricted, large doses of bismuth (gr. 30, gm. 2) or zinc oxide (gr. 5, gm. . 3)

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water an' the Stralau and the Tegel. the former hav-

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Physical Anthropology, of which Prof. Ales Hrdlica, of the Smithsonian Institute, is

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gates, was cordially met and greeted by all, and when the

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was nearly an inch long, was closed, but the intestinal con-

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the vital functions to their utter and rapid extinction. From

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the difference in the prevalence of leprosy on sea coasts and in inland parts ;

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tion have generally found a small increase in cardiac index without major effects on ejection

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cattle. In a later, fuller report on this work it is hoped that the

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contractions for some five hours ; forceps used under chloroform.

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years old, with well marked arterio-sclerosis and extreme

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rian irritation is better met by other remedies. In

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will be appreciated by the citizens of the Virginian

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an ear case ? " A symptom, or group of symptoms, such as vertigo,

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The hearing may be painfully acute or it may be defective; there

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occurs, and as a result the temperature of the whole

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14 at cantonment Clinch, and 35 at Fort Moultrie. Dengue^ dandy j

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unconscious of his acts. A medical man in this city, who

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