inflamed. The lungs were sound. The head was not ex-

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inferior phrenic artery, right middle adrenal artery, and

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of the skin of the scalp should not be completely carried out.

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number of cases, in which the disease has well defined characters,

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medicines which dilate the arteries and promote transference of blood

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wants of the public now call for it, and that all pre-

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of cleaning tliera; usually in the form of powder, paste,

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Arterial hypersemia is probably always the sequence and not the

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for milking or coming in contact with milk shall be of a pattern approved

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pulmonary artery and vena cava and their ramifications, and ex-

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Jacoby GA: Perils of prophylaxis. N Engl J Med 306:43, 1982.

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there a few small venous radicles filled with blood ; no trace of ulceration any-

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his non-arrival on the previous evening, by falsehood.

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The result of the burn depends more upon the extent of surface

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drying and exposure to diffuse daylight and to the rays of the sun.

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do that to the utmost extent desired, spirting out the water as soon as it be-

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facts ; but he who has the perception which enables him to

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subject of the nature of afferent impulses by the epoch-making

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it on the end of his walking-stick. A mysterious outbreak

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functions, respiration, vaso-motor, action, etc., with centres in

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faint blush appears round them. This " areola " becomes more intense

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to prevent her from going about, tapping should be resorted to. About

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-cases observed for a long time, the author has never seen dis-

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that the entire amount of acid employed is less than

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close a fibrous union as possible by the application of bandages

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again sessile and hemispherical. Not infrequently abscesses may form

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spoiled swill. To be sure we find, occasionally, some who

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Position. — Hand supine, surgeon to outside cutting downward

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H. Green, S. Gunasti, J.W. Konovitch, I.C. Lin, R.C.

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affectionate concern for the comfort Taf our seamen could dictate,

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Read before tlie Hamilton Medical Society, Wednesday, October 3rd, 1906.

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The pathological report gave an anatomic diagnosis of calcified mediastinal

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whole, a high incidence of cerebrospinal meningitis. The same is true

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once being involved, however, the disease is usually fatal.

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period of forty-seven days, 1,171 questionable cases were picked out

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the assistance of other physicians or health profes-

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limited period, the parting of the last filament that bound the patient's