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degree of health which he feels on the periodic days. As long as they

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11th, at Temperance Hall, in Worcester; the President, Dr. L. B.

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horsehair ; then, by letting the lid fall and withdrawing the loop, the

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fpeedy healing ; and this it will do, if the affeU is

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of Contents" on the cover of the Gazette, This result was

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real fact ? Take an instance of conjunctivitis. What do you observe

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tated, bed-sores will come on not only in consequence of the effects of

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like the latter, they increase from the circumference to the centre. Nay,

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gether the experiences and observations of many reliable persons

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structure. The ureters were somewhat distended, but presented no

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cough. Seeing the child rub the end of her nose every few minutes,

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epidemic fever of which I have spoken in a former lecture, and wliich

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lost in the proportion only of one out of every 1,500 ; and of those

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under the influence of mercury ? Are you, in addition to the other

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as quickl}' as possible by the taxis, and when that failed, by opera-

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combustion, but rather an instantaneous disruption of the force which

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loss for some skilful person to remain with the patient, watch the ope-

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Heart ■, where being converted into Blood, it was

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these data, Dr. Poggioli conceived the idea that a similar capacity

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the stomach depending on disease of the brain. Take the reverse of

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symptoms ? No. The vomiting here depends on active congestion of

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same authority we learn that increased heat of the surface, which is ge-

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the beginning, his face being flushed, eyes wild, and head aching; he

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Combined in the form of a Syrup, wM slight alkaline reaction.

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associates. I regret to say that the instigator of the " Squibb " that

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One of the most common is determination of blood to the head, pro-

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testicles occurred, the right more swollen and painful than the left

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and he died on the fourteenth day. In others, as I have already re-

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actual cautery to five or six spots along the course of the painful nerve.

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stopped in their work and observed. They were allowed to rest until

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sion of countenance which belongs to a maniacal patient. Under these

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labours under a certain number of local inflammations, for which

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of recent injlammation ; other parts of the intestines considerably con-

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tion, those of ' bottle babies.' Query, does sucking rubber nipples

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sound, are direct and nearly certain indications for the use of wine in