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is responsible for a large percentage of the cervical lacerations and
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in these situations, which was succeeded, on quiet expiration, by a return of ful-
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cM^mplete hysterectomy. Many fear to do a myomectomy because
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the OS uteri admitted one finger. The urine contained a cloud of
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baths of Aix, Spa, Forges, Rouen, and Acqui ; occasional starva-
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is proved by the circumstance that the new Pope, who
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moid flexure of the colon or rectum, in seventeen through the
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point should be central. I consider the latter most important,
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free incision and drainage. The chronic abscess very often per-
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thtkt in peritonitis the inflammation was greatest on
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Similar bodies were found by Schmauch^ in 1899 in cats' blood
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moments before she could commence to walk away ; when
cholesterol level checked in the past five years. The
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ultimately destroy the organ. The natives of India cure the
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quently applied to destroy any remains of the disease which may have escaped
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men may build therewith — he is apt to take quite as
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about 100° in the morning and 101° in the evening. Sloughs from the cau-
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elsewhere, like our philanthropic brethren of Penn-
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are not included, Influenza becomes more dangerous with advancing years
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lord and Wheeler have shown that potassium cyanide in 1 to 200 normal
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from these situations and when inoculated into pigeons produced character-
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ago when it felt this urgent need for properly trained psychi-
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consisting of the debris of the disintegrated bowel mixed with blood
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sure that they will not. Ten minutes after they lie down they begin to
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** tertiary, and syphilitic cachexia, lecture on. By 8. A. Lane 143
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pression ; sometimes these tortures last for two or three hours,
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double : from disease distinguished from external causes,
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1915, 52, 1108. Loewe, E., and Meyer, F.: Berl. klin. Wchnschr., 1915, 52, 1018
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Cleans. The pharynx, especially, was injected whenever
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add a few drops of rectified spirit, and triturate to
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