2 Small blood clots or spots - "C" quality if not larger than 1/8"

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health resorts. The waters of Carlsbad and Vichy have gained the greatest

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elatersaiiia thm mmlitj of a nampla of agga i>n«i cosplatc tha racfuirad itispactimi - -

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fore of diagnostic importance. The unilateral contraction of the pupil (myo-

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hemorrhages, cyst formations, thrombolic or embolic softening, tumors, and

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History (if not previously attended). Practical Chemistry, £3 3s.;

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a. Refer to Section 5.4, "Eggs," of the OPSC Buyer's Guide,

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or from dictation. Speaking accurately, we must distinguish between read-

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tary Ohemistry, Pharmacy, and Botany. The examination is con-

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rable, of a reddish color, and dotted with numerous red and brownish spots.

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economics, life insurance and materia medica and therapeutics. Winter, Tu., W., F.,

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cases, and scarcely ever exceeds a week or ten days. The termination is almost

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optional subjects: Greek, French, or (German; Natural Philosophy

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clever inquiry will show a tendency to confabulation ; he will tell a long story

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usually added to these, which are at least in part a direct result of the physi-

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nent disturbances of function. In the other group, where the history affords

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but they are noticed only when the attention is especially directed to them.

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theoretical and practical courses in physics and biology, and general and organic

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tainly connected with the fibers of the optic nerve. If both of the anterior

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do nothing but give way to their hypochondriacal broodings the whole day

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In this connection we desire to mention briefly a peculiar s}miptom-com-

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night's additional occupation. Students in residence during a vacation will be

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time to lie down. He usually sinks back in his chair or falls to the floor,

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are strictly horizontal. However, the upper borders of spinal anaesthesias

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a great number of experiments, that epilepsy can be excited in rabbits by in-

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pressure on the medulla. The general symptoms of tumor (headache, choked

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entirely analogous to acute poliomyelitis (q.v.). It is a rare disorder, and its

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personality. As time goes on there is more or less mental deterioration, some-

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Chneral Medical Council ; held in March and S^teniber in each year.-^

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he may be melancholy, anxious, apprehensive, conscious that he is not well

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too_ schematic a way, but they have some diagnostic importance, since they

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Fellows of the Faculty, and wiU then only be accepted when two-thirds of the

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