William Gregory, who became professor of chemistry in Edinburgh in 1839, when

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paralysis persisted, and there were practically all the signs of polio-

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associated with the moisture ; while with a dry air even sudden

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may be localized in spots or extend over a large area. Erosion of the

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to inspection. The novice does better, perhaps, to stand behind the

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with carried out. The cystic duct was tied off with

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very largely to the independence of thought and the

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men of such diverse character and political views as

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examined, for of course no one can tell what conditions may

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associated with other symptoms indicative of serious mis-

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be confined to an individual part, simply because the in-

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periments and observations are published in the Bullitin General

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attributed to the ganglion of the nervus terminalis. The more

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He read Tennyson with attention, but not with full satis-

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tain some part of the organs concerned. Eecovery from a mild attack

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ence stores from the subsistence department. — \_Regs.

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scientifically educated veterinarian is unsuited to such work, and

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Diagnosis: — The difficulty in diagnosis is in determining,

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and nurses. By implication, it advances the concept that persons

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the Editor, will be issued in January, 1867, price by mail $2.50 ;

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type of fever, and by the occurrence of inflammation in

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velocity constant, as determined by the above equation, will gradually

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companying contraction of the orbicularis palpebrarum

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