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(1) To combat Venereal Diseases by whatever means seem desirable.

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William T. Booth, M.A., 346 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

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Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1915, 41, 1571. Frank, E. : Berl. klin. Wchnschr.,

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Nov. 5th. — Delirium gone ; articulates better ; T. 102° ; P.

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storing, cleansing and distribution of water, inspection of ventilation,

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remedies, the latter consisting chiefly of preparations of iron —

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deciding as to whether it was a case of femoral or inguinal hernia

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the character of the disease we have to deal with ?

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credits are validated by a college offering a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree. Advanced

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In conclusion, Dr. Gadell remarked that he would strongly recommend cir-

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for two years, with occasional short trips to the hot,

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found in fed animals ; at the completion of hybernation, to that found in starved animalp.

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our happy republican government has been established,

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tients begin to resume their ordinary avocations. In the interval

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where gout prevails even small doses of lead seem sufficient to produce

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I Forage Plants," Bulletin No. t6 of this Station, by B. C. Buffum.