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" But I do not confine myself to internal remedies. I endeavor to

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given in Figs. 103 and 104. In one of them the radial pulse is regular;

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routinely through iodine administration yields an occasional success

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knows what is doing. That is called "consciousness."

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nia before using the knife, which, at best, is a dangerous remedy.

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she swallowed a large quantity (a mouthful) of fluid with

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2>Z. Janeway, T. C. : Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp., 1915, 26, 341.

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Second, effusion which means pouring out into the tissues or cavities

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first case reported occurred in a woman aged 58 ; the disease

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Professor of the History of Medicine and of Nervous Diseases

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its action is most complete ; it is of course aided by liberal

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