debilitated, but by its effects dengue may predispose to other illness.
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It is clearly the duty of our officers to improve sanitation for the
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Morphine sulphate, 7.20 mgms., i. e., 0.15 mgm. per giu. rat. Died in 5 hours.
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reaction. Acids dissolve it easily, and yield solutions of
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Thank you and may you find every happiness that life has to
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are cold and skin blanched. The respiration, which at first is somcAvhat
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When a number of cattle are to be dipped they are driven into the
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A complete blood count, sedimentation rate, and uri-
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while in certain cases the after effects may be decidedly annoying.
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fi'om the thoracic cavity through the wound; by which
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firmation to his position, it appears that he has shown
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Ought not (I beseech you) all worthy women therefore
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the copper, the current had to traverse two inches of the densely-packed papier-
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20. Williams, Riche and Lusk: Metabolism of the Dog Following the Inges-
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discovered that the testicle was not in the scrotum but in the
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Fulton has shown that typhoid fever in the United States is a disease
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and 34 deaths to date. Fourteen new cases yesterday.
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The thyroid most frequently used in these experiments was ob-
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Calc. for C 9 H 9 2 N 2 'ci: X, 13.18%; CI, 16.68%. Found: N, 13.18%; CI, 16.45%.
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be put to bed, and should be instructed to lie upon the
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pigs as much as possible, so as to economize in the use of
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Sinapisms also were applied to the chest, mustard foot-baths twice a day, and
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qualities of mind and temper under his ecclesiastical
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emergencies promptly, and thoroughly imbued with habits of
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propagation of infectious diseases, especially of anthrax, as the an-
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ent rapidity of the disease. As the fowls from which it was obtained
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sunshine was 81.6 hours, the greatest daily duration being 8.8
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(juestion has been asked, " Why is there this difference
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in practice, still goes on foot, is set down as a failure.
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This was found to be the case. NaNOa and Ca(N03)2 act alike upon
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the Nose and Throat, 1901. Chamberlin, Wm. B. (Cleveland) : — " Some
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and duration of such interference varying with the nature and abruptness
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our other means of examination, in certain organic diseases more
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grounded historical traditions students flocked here
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from the outer margin of the scalenus anticus to the upper
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the anaesthesia is deeper and longer, with a prolonged analgesia.
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of an operator who will either work under the direct super-
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and tens of thousands ; and sometimes the " outside pressure" is so resistless, that