nomical accuracy," when two-thirds of the cortex is yet unac-
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pursue k course so entirely unprecedented as the action in question, and
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'made the entire circuit of the organ, and by its terminal branches sup-
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The outside animals added to the herd were of two kinds :
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to be in readiness to exert his utmost influence in our favor. Last year,
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cell, although an independent formation, must dwell by as-
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hands and feet appeared. There was a systolic murmur at the apex,
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erally admitted in its full meaning. In this treatise Harvey
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field, assuming as a principle that Hippocrates was
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distinguishes them from typhoid fever or from each other. There
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bed. She maintained this posture a good part of the
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congestions. It is most effective in the earlier stages of fevers, with
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cular consumption in human l)eings is due to hereditary influence.
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a veritable epidemic of it was prevailing. From the 25th to the
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skull, are also noted. This accident occurred in every instance in the person
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acute pain coming on spontaneously : they extorted cries from her,
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to bathe the fore and hind parts with hot water vigorously, an hour at a
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year, they go to bed, and are put through the rest cure for eight
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could scarcely exist for a new system of metlicine. Let us re-
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apposition by means of silken sutures ; the ligatures around the vessels
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but Dr. Spender directs particular attention to local treatment, placing
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occurred, and then cough with muco-purulent expectoration. The patient
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safety. When the prevalence of colour-blindness in the male sex was duly
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the shoeing smiths being more careful than heretofore
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fixation in the trejituient of trauiualic nvnovitin of lh*r
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therefore almost as indispensable to the other learned
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in appearance to the amnion. These changes no doubt occur in a certain
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hemisphere posterior to the frontal lobe and thickest
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said, according to old writers, to have contained illus-
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& Some firms put out preparations standardized so as to contain a certain percentage
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nitrate of bismuth. The particular medication from which he de-
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which breaks it up and makes it look unsightly. Apricots need plenty of
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Dr. Sajre thought the wires would not bear enough force
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creased in size ; e, an artery with cellular inliltration into its walls.
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that a diet consisting at least of milk puddings, custard, eggs, and
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in the muscles are inadequate for this. Michaud's^' experiments on
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me of a patient who consulted him on the average once
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answering questions fairly rationally. With the subsidence of
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it to you as well worth the time. It is found in full in the Jour-
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