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ox 2-4 drs ; ass 1-2 drs ; sheep j^-i dr ; swine ^ dr ; dog S grs.
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The tumour, as to form, size, and colour, is accurately delineated in the
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tion, Oct. 3d 1854. By James M. Newman, M. D. Health Physician.
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suffered in places where gentle sleep now quiets apprehension
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dysentery the most difficult to treat satisfactorily. It was frequently
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Case 4. — W. G., man, aged 49, had been very alcoholic, and for two weeks
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Braxton Hicks examined the urine of 100 pregnant women (not stated
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work a very long day, as in harvest, and cannot stop for meals,
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Manuscripte should be tjrpewritten on one side of light weight paper, 8} X 11 inches,
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readers of the Journal, a brief account of the mode of treatment, relied
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with every other doctor in his or her area. Availability,
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without any benefit. Lupus Erythematosus, or seborrhoea congestiva of
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