toxins to generate a weak antitoxic serum ; but when the animal is once
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characterised, as the name implies, by profound depression of all the
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not under a medical man, nor initiate £»r alter any treatment without his
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of the agent renders it easy of absorption by the lungs, it passes speedily
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morphological and biological uniformity ; he believes there are different
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irritability of the stomach and bowels, to determine to the surface, to
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that which is the normal state of the infant during the first six months
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either from age or weakness of the eye, there will be found portions of
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■ertation on the question, " To what extent, and in what places, has intermittent fever been indige-
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the fifth or seventh day ; after a complete apyretic interval (during which
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Trans, clxxxi. p. 107. — 2(j. Warington. J. of Chein. Soc. 1891, and Chun. News,
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disease resulted from the inoculation of the cultivated organisms in the
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times no explanation of this phenomenon has been at all satisfactory ; but
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presented on the third day of admission marked roseolar spots, and had
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KiRKES, Stenhouse. Edin. Med. and Surg. Journal, vol. xviii. 1853, p. Hi). — 23.
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acting on any toxins as yet unabsorbed, and particularly of checking
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for no effect is produced on a healthy dog by injecting into its system
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diagnosis merely on inspection of the affected parts, or on certain symp-
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known to commence even under the pressure of the blocks of Dr.
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the clitoris, others again in the ovaries ; finally, others place it in the
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never absent from this country, season exerts a marked influence on its
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of Algiers itself ; but it is subject to violent winds which for days
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functions of the body ; finally, a stage of reaction, in which more or less
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If we turn to the more thoroughly known of the microzoa parasitic
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women, and it is said to be less fatal in women. I have seen three cases
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Now since in the case of tuberculosis we find some of the characteristic
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one of degeneration. Such mutations are met with in the whole series
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around the stump, the extremity of the canula must be included in the
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hand, the mean temperature of July is 55-0° at Monach and 62-4° at
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points ; these are perfectly distinct, however, when the position of the
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which had in the meantime been devised, and the discoveries they had
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phere which can be applied to the treatment of disease, and we must
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other hygienic influences. (2) The arrangement of his meals as to
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swallow in the intervals, though with some difficulty. Quinine, beef tea,
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able, in consequence of the adhesions that have been contracted— -when
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abscesses, osteo-myelitis, etc.), and especially in those cases in which