stomach, upon chronic gastritis, an affection the existence of which

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years old, to be treated for a diseased tooth. I found that the

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diminish production to such a degree as to more than offset the value

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mistake. They have drawn this conclusion, I suppose,

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reverse our thinking. Let us send forth the demand for health,

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Bacilluria does not necessarily cause any symptoms unless cystitis occurs!

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added to the organic. Great attention to the general health,

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method fails. In such cases there is no amnesia, and instead of

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opinion of the members of the Section that blame did not

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case. The briefer period stated, two weeks, represents the shortest known

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of all who practised the medical art, or even of most

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This effect on the muscular system is fairly lasting, and con-

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Professor Stewart is in a minority amonp^st physio-

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In the cold stage of infantile cholera, purgatives, as well as emetics

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whole, it has fulfilled the promises made by the other two. Much more

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stiffness of the knees had prevented walking. Physical examination was

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We have made some attempts, also, to medicate monkeys by the mouth,

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quite close to the wound in the sclerotic, the magnet might clear

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nal for "September 30th. The distinguishing marks of

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occasionally only contraction, or more commonly relaxation, is slower

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(National Board nf Umllh Bulletin, April 30, 1881).

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by nursing a brother dying with that disease. Every

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is carried out. The failures of compression are usually due to want of care

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centre of vision, and fronting the next, or vitreous humor

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convulsions. Now such convulsions are always associated with

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ginning of the fifteenth century, John de Tornamira,

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about it, with a piece of butter. Stew till quite tender ; and