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labor, all the causes and conditions known to be neces-
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tinuity by this method is slow and unsatisfactory. Intestinal
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the student to the correct appreciation of human re-
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Paracentesis by a minute trocar and canula is hardly more than
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till the last half hour before birth of child; the only means used
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gland to suffer. Generally two or more become indurated ; being
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Because there is a greater quietness in the night than in the
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Three years later he consulted me again, but I had no
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Pathologist to the National Hospital (Queen Square), who has with
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of Guy's Hospital, namely, " Do not cleanse the sore
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(3) Neglect to examine the entire chest, the bases,
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In order to determine if similar changes could be produced
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tective and the ordinary carbolized gauze-dressing, but the latter
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The 1918 Pandemic of Influenza in Canton. W. W. Cadbury, M.D.
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can affect the blood-pressure in the systemic arteries
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prehended under the general term ' losses,' must all separately
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with surface anatomy, and students are instructed how to prop-
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tion and a fertile soil for the propagation of infectious
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true and of defending what we feel to be right, without sinking
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be made between surface waters and subsoil waters. All surface waters
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for a general explanation, since in Nezara [Type III], and pre-
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chemicals to cancers and neurodegenerative disorders is being investigated. Some studies document that farmers and
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* Herter : Lectures on Chemical Pathology, Smith, Elder Sc Co., London,
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disqniet ; and where last, not least, drugging, chiefly with opiates, given to sub-
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preliminary symptoms of defective ventilation, which
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defendant's answer and ordering judgment for the de-
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grammes per kilo of body weight. At the same time a dose of one
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Cysticercus cellulosce has a corresponding geographical distribution. Accord-
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taining thei impure lees of wine. The cases of dysentery were conse-
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J. Parsons Schaeffer (1878-1970) John H. Gibbon, Jr. 249
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he jumps it as if it were four feet high. Later he is seized
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workers — and they are the majority, by a long way. And I will
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of rooms in which cases of pneumonia (types I and II) have been tended
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The causes which interfere with the functions of the kidneys
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should have a gradual exit out of life, when, by virtue of their
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are rounded or elongated ; the superficial are flattened,
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