Now as regards these five persons, two of whom were kept

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laws of the United States or of this State ; to expel any member of the Society for

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narrator with firsthand knowledge of historically significant events and a well-

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In those cases where the circulation becomes gradually slower,

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otherwise, because " He doeth his pleasure in the armies of heaven, and among

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tunity to verify my splendid diagnosis, and stolen from science a post-mortem

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infiltration of the cutis. The mucous membrane of the larynx, if erup-

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the author the appreciation he deserves, and that the promised addi-

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symptoms occurred in seven and a half and seven per centjā€”in

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I believe that persons disposed to intemperance are

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Typhus, exanthematic, on the etiology of. By M. Chauffard 37

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and which is called the Diplococcus catarr kalis. This micrococcus has been

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them, from day to day, more than they require. Their appetites,

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improved water-supply is proved by the fact that in the Lahore district

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approach the point of condensation on the cold pipes. This leaves us

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presence of the peculiar wax-like substance in the spleen, or with

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tcjis us, " from the rigors of professional life," Certainly, Dr. Brown

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sesses what his professions claim. He must prove himself honest

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outside practice that extends in all directions as far as the Ford can reach. In

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applied by Virchow (Die CeUularnathologie, Berlin, 1859) to a disease character-

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by this thorough sterihzation of the surface bacteria may be killed to a cer-

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stitutional symptoms precede the local, 13 and that it was not

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observation. A lady, fifty-six years of age, was said

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Red Cross. Such a method of financial accounting would strongly tend

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degree. The tongue is brown and the temperature is very high, the

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The University of California, Davis, School of Medicine,

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and none of the others took the disease. In another family, also

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tration forms a transition to the interstitial varieties of inflammation."' On the

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Medical and Surgical Journal for June, Dr. Baker, of Alabama, has

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possible, until the fibrous sheath of tumor was traced down to

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until the dressings have been applied and the foot firmly closed