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not occur at all. In a series of experiments to determine the maximum
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Singer, C. .Tour. Roy. Naval Medical Service. Vol. II, No. 4.
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half of the deaths which occur every year, and yet we do not prevent
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lead the patient to fear that she was falling into a state of paralysis..
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My personal experience dates back about two years. I was called
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On admission the child was extremely thin and looked ill. The
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The patient fell 30 feet. Wild and irritable, complete paralysis,
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copper plate, and then add a drop of hydrochloric acid. A bright metal-
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1. Abolishment of official recognition or toleration of pros-
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^Tninsactioiis of the Obstetrical Society, 1885-6, p. 53.
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always considered that dulness of the lung is a relative
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but I know of no other hospital where the individual comfort of
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operation to avoid septic infection. Drainage has to be accom-
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at night, with half a dozen pins in her mouth. Her present mistress said that
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lated to support the system under the exhausting and wasting process of fevers and
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really isn't a proper way to say thank you, but to my wife Robin, my
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jjigislators for enactment. The joint support of the Medical
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twenty years ago; and the omission was not discovered
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"Herbair'of 1636, emended by T. Johnson, apothecarye, relates
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1901 c. — Hydatid cyst of the pancreas. [Secretary's abstract of 1901 a] <Canad.
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accusations if they should be proved untrue, as we doubt
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the protein intake, we have been able repeatedly to reduce the blood