consideration is to be added, namel}^, a change of climate not infrequentl}^

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in its circulation through the smaller vessels; and the diminution

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of Brookl}^!, sudden death followed perforation of the lung, the discharge

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Maladies. No unpleasant symptoms follow its continuous use. (Pills of 2 and 5 grains.)

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guished, by their gross characters, from the so-called yellow tubercles, when

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conjoined with a kind and frank demeanor towards the patient, he

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matter of considerable consequence, and the annoyance which the}^ fre-


to be placed dry on her tongue every half hour. As little drink or

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the necessity for its continuance is remoTod. Thus, after the

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cated through the recurrent nerves. These points are of interest and im-

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tube of considerable size. In this case, the signs of a cavit}^ were devel-

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pathological view, the eflflcacy of lemon-juice and the various anti-scor-

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and removal of the foreign body ; but we were deterred from a

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sures to effect the diminution or removal of the liquid. These measures,

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Carson, Professor of Mat. Med. in the University of Pennsylva*

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will suffice to present in this chapter certain distinctions and definitions

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mental influences which are suited to different cases, conduces, in no

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vantage of a change of climate mainly consists in its being subsidiary to

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Clinical tests gathered from every quarter of the globe attest its

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rience, as well as his facility of expressing himself in clear and

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When the hand is placed in the position above described, so

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respiration. Ordhiary bronchitis, which in a health}^ person only requires

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for examination with the microscope. Davaine suggests that the pre-

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At the county prison at Moyamensing, built and conducted

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located in the United States. It is under strictly regular management. Eight

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furnished these pills under the same name. Should Physicians fail to obtain satisfactory

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diathetic condition than with the structure of the part in which it is seated.

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Frequency and feebleness of the pulse, irrespective of the formation of a

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The remedy may be repeated at intervals during the same da} , should

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magnesia, and Dover's powder, whilst at the same time the tinc-

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this vehicle. In the two last cases which have come under my observa-

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by the action of the diaphragm alone, may occasion death by slow apnoea.

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nitis will be first considered. By German writers, this affection is called

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candidates proposed for Fellowship, up to this date, shall take

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while sitting quietly at school, she was suddenly seized with

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of that place. I have thoHght it might not be irrelevant to the

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consider the former as secondary to, and dependent upon, a granulo-fatty

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a mere coincidence, or accidentally. In the latter case, it has no patho-

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sure disappeared, but there was still some swelling about the

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it is less likel}' to escape detection than Avhen it is subacute from the be-

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solidified lung sink wdien thrown into water. The volume of the aff'ected

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on the lesions or morbid conditions on which the discharge of fat may be

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by means of active remedies, are now known to end generally in recover}^,