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carbolic acid, one part to forty parts of water, used to dress the
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dressings to attend to the wounded before they are sent further
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the sons born to the women of Israel ; but this proved ineffectual, for,
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apparent. A perplexity arises in the search for intestinal lesions in
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two gallons per man; four and one-half quarts for drinking and
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stumble into success. Many more not only fail to derive benefit, but
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grain and a half, dissolved in fifteen minims of olive oil at a dose).
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ether, but not entirely soluble in alcohol. It is a drastic
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all diseased animals shall be quarantined at such places and in such manner as he
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national Committee of the Red Cross to Miss Margaret Clotilde Mac-
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neurol. 1884, viii. p. 68 ; 1885, ix. pp. 19, 168. — 55. Mem. Progres med. January
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or tertian. The paroxysms commonly occarred in the morning, without premonitory symp-
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orrhage after this simple operation. Twelve of these
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the Prussian army and suffered frequently from the symptoms mentioned above,