it merely denoting a more abundant eruption and complete development.
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There are therefore two periods of delayed dialysis of the diabetic
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long before the blood urea shows any definite increase. In the severer
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I looked up the question and found it to be very rare where the two
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ribs of the right side and also in the manubrium sterni. The second case was
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The sulcus praelunatus, occipitalis lateralis, is common* and
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Nonprotein nitrogen: The results from nine different individuals
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this subject. Dr. Fisher reminds us that there is always a considerable propor-
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attacking custom-house officers who inspect infected baggage ; the labourers
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been getting sluggish mentally, and had felt chilly and objected seriously to
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and at the top it was quite earthy, separate angular pieces being
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an infliction on the patient to permit her to undergo intense
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Innocent XII, he had, some time previously, been induced to go.
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the relative advantages of mountain climates as compared with
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deprived of its epidermis become the starting-points of deep or
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parently more apt to occur in subjects of the arthritic habit of
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microbes to enter the empty spaces, to pass through the inter-
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and are marked by heat of skin, quick pulse, vitiated excretions,
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parents of children over fifteen years of age to have
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Ch/ir, Trans., vol. Ix., a case which forms a very valuable contribu-
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tion intradermally of one to two tenths c.c. of a ten per cent,
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That even the humblest classes might say that they had a share in the
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other varieties have kept well. The one kind that can be de-
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four yeai's, or for any long period, if on the develop-
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Method of investigation of a case. — The chest of the patient should be
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She had not, however, referred to a paralysis of the ex-
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bigmoidoscopes. Anoscopes. Oesophagoscopes. and many others.
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suggests the possibility of a congenital factor in its etiology. Of this we
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[)ylorus |)resenlcd, between which could be seen the de-
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AN APPETITE FOR MISADVENTURE: Baron Jan Gerrit van Wassenaer was celebrated for his command of the Dutch fleet— but not of his appetite.