traditions of past centuries. Broussais had made a tabula rasa
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tures were not taken. One died after two days' illness, three
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were mostly young men. Trauma was given as the original
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hearted man own and take charge of a favorite animal, and the
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colour and succulent, or, in cases where the swelling is marked, becoming
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ment in cases of suppurative osteo-myelitis affecting the bones of the ex-
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actually diseased state of fatness is a source of great
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periods. The disease lasted from one to fifteen days, the greater
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should be the first Province to apply. The Examining Board provinces
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hydronephrosis, which occurred in a woman twenty-two years
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unless quantitative changes in the one are accompanied by
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therapy. Each inpatient unit also has weekly administrative law hearings for involuntary civil
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50, 60, or perhaps 70 per cent., may be deemed to have been curable if they
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Blood, cholesterol content of, in various hepatic conditions ; M. A. Roths-
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to see if they had deteriorated in the intervening time. In this case
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for ten or twelve times ; and if after that the pain
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fect use of the joint, and there was no lack of sym-
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This house, as will hereinafter appear, has been the
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The use of this antitoxin is recommended in cases of diphtheria which
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under 5, while those destroyed by war are adults and the most virile of
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of 17.2° C. with no air movement and 100 per cent relative humidity