Dr. Jas. Mauran, of the Committee on Medical Topography

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As already stated, the fact that the severity and mortality of the

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to "Buttercup Cottage;" Consulting Physician to the

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stration and weak, rapid, compressible, or intermittent pulse.

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Bichnell, Cal., until April 30, 1878, when he left the ser-

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and injected; pupil dilated; temperature of the skin, especially of the extremi-

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The endogenous intoxications are much more interesting because

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tinue for many generations, and are peculiar to certain families.

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Inaugural Address. By Lombe Atthill, M.D., President, - 516

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the advancing operculum the major parts of the occipital and pre-

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grazing them is connected with danger of the extension of the dis-

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passed before my course was vindicated. The father called again,

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vitriol, one ounce lime water ; mix ; take from five to twen-

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it were put up ; in this case it must be cut off, having tied

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of the blood take place in the foetus, it must be accomplished, not in

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tation on Galen's knowledge of the nervous system-, conceived the idea of publishing a

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neck with the back of the head. in rouleaux, crenat-

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the major achievements over the past two decades, and these

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shape by machinery. They are extensively used in the field supply

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The College of Surgeons thus, after a controversy lasting fifty-five years, gained

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The Principles and Practice of Modern Otology. By John F. Barnhill,

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ment in cases of suppurative osteo-myelitis affecting the bones of the ex-