pathological data, and for necessary printing, including

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nate and not a selective excess of virulence over the human

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million in consequence of the ordinary measures of sanitation, including the discovery and

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development of the disease is often the cause of diagnostic failure.

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Obstetrical Society about five years ago. If we have a

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the grosser exhalations. What this liquid was, Drebell

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ately small. We have in cholera the most diverse remedial measures

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height. The leucocytosis diminishes rapidly with the fall of temperature

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ance was given as a cause in 1,357 cases. Of these, there were 1,228

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entire; the left lung was adherent at the upper lobe; both lungs were studded with tubercle,

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came to the hospital because of a swelling over the upper canaliculus,

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he put the woman to bed. Inoculations with the scant secretion of

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day, and then a relapse occurs. Animals may become quite con-

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the Secretary, Dr. C, S, Sheldon, Madison, Wis,, at least /our

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perfectly well, and never had afterwards a recurrence of the

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result in the future, at the rate at which the studies of life-objects

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miracles at Byzantium. " All who were physically dis-

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at night, with half a dozen pins in her mouth. Her present mistress said that

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or, in other cases, the affection of the limbs may be of the hemi-

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relieved from the inconvenience she suffers from it

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among injection drug users. Achieving this goal requires

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Make a free incision under antiseptic precautions; that is, after

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exploration was made, which revealed the presence of

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ing assurance of its value, and its certain success

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men of skill in Massachusetts, so he hath made considerable

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Opened in Saint Paul, in 1941, on the corner of St.