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placed in the opposite leaf of the mesentery in an attempt to pre-

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membrana ; and, finally, in two cases there was a copious sero-sanguineous

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in the Court of Special Sessions, showing 29.7 per cent who

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strengthen the hernial passages. When failure does occur, it is to be charged

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gauze packing affords the best means of drainage, but that the

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so, that it is becoming a great problem with the funds.

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ing fatally is caseation, cavitation, and often tuberculosis. This latter

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trace of a uterine cicatrix from the former incision was discernible. After

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suggest that our definitions should not be drawn too closely. Most

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tiple abscesses not connected with the bone, and Bouillaud,'^ writing on

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to a branch of surgery which has not been attracting very much notice

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which he fully describes and which consists in the use of pi aster-of- Paris

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again on account of the results obtained by Dr. Adolf Robinson, at the

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the sun. In the equatorial belt of calms cloudiness is the rule, but in

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opium, there were consumed in the United States during the year

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that in 67 of them pain was relieved, while in 21 no distinct benefit was

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must resort to gastrostomy, with retrograde dilatation by the

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ment is indicated ; stimulants if collapse is feared; In this way, most cases

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deteriorate the quality and modify the quantity of such impor-