an astringent — as sulphate zinc 1 gr. to 1 oz. water — twice a day if the dis-

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temperature of skin 104° 25', under the tongue 106°.

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supply, very marked functional or structural disturbances may be pro-

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and six inches of small bowel was found, semi-gangren-

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30. Ward, A. R. Fowl cholera. Bull. 156, Agr. Exp. Sta., Coll. of Agr.

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there is great liability to coagulation. But it seems likely that in such a

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insurance company’s request for a 52 percent increase, the JUA s

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have begun to grow flaccid ; and that even in women

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During the war of the rebellion in the United States a soldier

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A FEMALE infant, aged 6 days, was admitted to the Grove Hospital

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the five cells is 11.129, the standard deviation is ± .2037, and

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" Rupture of the cyst takes place most frequently near or during the fourth

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would go home and would like for me to send him a prescription

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with sensation of soreness on swallowing, or there is re-

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elm tea. Soon the inflammatory symptoms will subside, the patient

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of a Board fur the onnniiation of the Invalid Corps,^ New Orleans, La.

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the Nose and Throat, 1901. Chamberlin, Wm. B. (Cleveland) : — " Some

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at once suggests itself that either the higher or the lower strings are wanting,

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ment of the surgeon ; and one cannot afford to do without the

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this has led to much confusion in discussion of the kinetics of enzyme

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Th(! first patient died suddenly in the course of a sus-

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of the skin of the scalp should not be completely carried out.

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detained twenty-four hours in the barns and sheds of

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that among children quinine as an antipyretic is far superior to

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The Leukocytic Picture. — We have shown, and so have others. 1, 2:i