52. E. H. Stevens: Malaria in Cambridge and Vicinity. Boston
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He endeavored to show that a deficiency of split fat,
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of uniforms and insignia for officers and employees of the Cus-
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we can reasonably expect to command the recognition of
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traction to the study of medicine is, and ever will be,
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or stewed fruit prepared without sugar ; 15-20 gms.
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Dr. C. B. Porter have been appointed on the consulting staff
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ping backwards, felt a sudden, sharp pain in the joint
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be dismissed by virtue of the following facts : Our
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being careless or ignorant, has been careful, pains-
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will prove a better investment in the long run than
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Dunham, Secretary of the Board of Visitation of the Utica
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on inoculation into animals in small doses to be in-
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tories and various daily and quarterly sick reports.
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hef.re the Council of the Kojal AgricnUural Socielv. Professor
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*0., cloudy; C, clear; F., fair; G., fog; H., hazy; S., smoky;
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ive do not deny the possibility of slight mitral leak-
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ant effect in the treatment of smallpox, and it can hardly
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Power, Frederick Douglas, St. Bartholomew's Hospital
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have before refeiTed as an example of the affection in
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tirely faded away. 'When torn oif by gentle traction,
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The Jirst list consists of certain violent and dan-
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bers exceed one hundi-ed, thi-ee shall be elected ; but
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(;liildren and adults. In certain cascH of diarrhea
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symjitoms only ; viz., to the affections of the organs
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portion of the spine, that is, occurring in the lum-
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hyper-tension of the arterial blood stream, and tabu-
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