thrombosis in puerperal pyeemia, and also suggesting that
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wall. Being thus badly nourished, it degenerates, and its muscular tissue is the
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The tubercles may reach the size of a pea or of a hazel-nut. The hemor-
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retained, there is less risk of exfoliation than when the dense substance of the
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of some reputable physician or physicians, surgeon or surgeons,
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expectation of her confinement, advised her to send for
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disease. Dr. Douglas went to Alexandria, Va., about six
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amused themselves by passing round the following ,/eu <T 'esprit
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in fact by the loss of natural moisture expelled by the steam-
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The views formerl)' entertained by writers as to the
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because of understanding all a menace to society and
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and from -5V to -g^ of an inch in breadth, and is composed of
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provement, and the patient must be kept in bed, and the diet must be
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blood, he stands as the guardian of its illimitable faculties. Through
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not say that an absolute compulsory system could be
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Bussell Beynolds remarks of excessive venery and masturbation, that far
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This indicates a tendency to a return to the findings in pneu-
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ply, and, in consequence, has become so small and hard
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but a vast amount of error must necessarily follow from crude and hasty pathologiciJ
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of pain at the back of his head and of gid- pain had produced irritation of the whole
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Lairds and then' surgeons together followed Prince Charlie. At
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if judiciously created, would prove a blessing to those so
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and physiology, four (six divisions) in theoretical mechan-
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three deaths. One of these was from peritonitis. The other two were
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theory and principles on which is based the Botanic Prac-
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properly speaking, the layer of morbid tissue in which these fibrous bands
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The abdomen was tender ; the liver was palpable two finger
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tions as to the performance of the operation and its
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brown induration, and not infrequently fairly marked
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ness or paralysis of one side of the body was one of the symptoms
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of the existence of gonorrhoea must be settled before
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trade, and incapable of feeling the reproof that is looked at him from the
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projects into the cascum in the form of a long firm plug, with a scabby
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and look out the open window into the sunny street On
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be taken medicinally, along with potassium bromide, for long periods by