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of an act, usually voluntary, which places two individuals in
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regarding the respiratory mechanism in pneumonia, Boston Med. and Surg.
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In 1940 the corpus callosotomy was introduced as an
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mittance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the
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force of the water to divide the placenta if it hap-
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^ou remember, gentlemen, the great rapidity with which we found
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not shown that, as a rule, bacteria when taken up by cells have suffered no
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THIS morbid condition of the liver has hitherto attracted but
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its extension upon infected premises, earnestly urging the immediate
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tions are more common in mild than in severe cases, because we do
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result from traumatic causes. Injury to the semilunar
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But this can no longer be regarded as satisfactory, especially when we
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eloquently described by my colleague in Japan, Professor Wernick,
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is restored. In the frantic effort to secure a good complexion this
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topical application, which, at least in the majority of them, may be fairly con-
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The sulcus praelunatus, occipitalis lateralis, is common* and
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them, expressed at several meetings of the Society de Biologie, and
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Mem. Bos. Soc. Med. Improv. Surg. Mass. Gen. Hosp. ; Cons.
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inform the world of medical non-thinkers that the daring use of
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obtaining this knowledge is careful experiment, and we are the more
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Individual I. Observation extending over 8 days. Between 20.9 and 250 70