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mortality statistics of the cases in which the cold bath treatment is carried

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in a state of specific activity at the moment of its reception, or whether,

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tion that the toxins which, as we have already seen, are most likely

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the Action of certain Inorganic Compounds when introduced directlj'- into the Blood,"

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rant vulgarians, who wrong their children out of bread to pay for moon-

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bility to insusceptibility could be due to the absorption and retention of

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or 12 grammes of its precipitate. This is an exceedingly large quantity

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stitutional irritatiori, even when it did not occasion death. In this com-

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In 1892 the numbers were 68,162. There were 223 admissions from

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ment, or in diminishing the power of resistance of the individual, we can

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peculiar to each tissue involving storage of material. The mammary gland

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the mercury or iodide which are easily broken up and destroyed.

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temperatures, there are also organisms which resist such pressure as is

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1879. — 37. Hudson, L. " Sea-Voyages for the Surgical Convalescent," Lancet, October

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gtt. v., tinct. kino gtt. xii., pulv. Dov. gr. i. every 8 hours, alternating.

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the anthrax bacillus and the bacillus pyocyaneus into the anterior

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After having drawn forward the parts, the surgeon should pais a

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14. — 7. Further Report and Papers on Epidemic Influenza, 1889-92. — 8. Guy's Hos-

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who (with apparent exemption from any hereditary delicacy in the

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automatic ; at the same time, it accustoms the rider instinctively to

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When digitalis, for example, is given in cardiac dilatation and irregular

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first symptom which brings the patient to the doctor ; and if death

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Uses. — They are usef id in dyspepsia, with irritability of the mucous

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sleep, may not receive the required sympatliy, but may be told that if he

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the hallucinations, the more or less complete anaesthesia or paralysis of

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was no exposure to the contagion, or (2) that certain external conditions

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of potassium, as the products of syphilitic inflammation certainly are.

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the brain, epilepsy precedes apoplexy under certain conditions, and per*

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which he attributes to this cause : the condition is not necessarily, though

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and unboiled milk, and when eating raw fruit should remove the skin of

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Any rash, sore, discharge, or persistent snufiiing must be reported at

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When given in over doses, it produces burning and irritability of the

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increased by exposure to damp or cold, or by fatigue. It is in some

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hereafter. — The physician of the N. Orleans Charity Hospital, Dr. Stoan,

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seasons and periods of the day, dulness of atmosphere with but a small

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cholera, anthrax, erysipelas, and malaria. In the second case, the sec-

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pubic bone. This pressure not only increases the number and severity