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It is evident. Gentlemen, that irritant suppositories and even
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In what quantity ? (The body weight on the sixtli day of the disease was more
state of decomposition under a high temperature; and
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the glands are rarely specially afiected ; there is usually inflammatory
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In the discussion of Pneumonia to-day I shall but briefly allude
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and exaggerated reflexes. Constitutional symptoms were absent.
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David Critcherson Miller, Bay Road, New Market, New
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This latter statement is true, but has no bearing upon the
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the seeds from two ordinary-sized common pumpkins, say
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to sixty per cent. ; when the milk formed only a part
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the clinical examination of the blood. For this purpose a simple technique is provided,
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were flat and clean. He carried his legs under him, and
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causes a disturbance of tissue equilibrium which is not restored to
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Each year of the Station's existence shows more ac-
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life of Uie same individual when in health. For this reason
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predecessors), one is acquainted with the Commentaries of Van
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it did not follow that the immunity conferred by foot
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of vigorous life, alert and earnest, though unobtrusive,
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ing of t!\e heart doth follow ; and because the heart is earth.-
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tympanum ; (d) large granulation areas or polypi may obstruct the exit of pus
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servadon, that of Fort Brady is 31.89, and that of Fort Snelling is 30.
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infect the farrowing pens with hot carbolic lime wash.
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upon the house-tops for the return of the ships they had sent
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the topic, that the pernicious element of the fever depends less upon
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with the sifted corn meal. Put the pan in which it is to be
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(c) Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture.
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of treatment include anorexia, agitation and psychic
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leg. There was pain on extending the fingers, impairment of the move-