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by some as a variety of beriberi. A very slight acquaintance with the
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so far from being an obstacle to the passage of a liquid in
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practical point of the great effort required by the muscular
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holic paralysis involving the cerebral centres, with rather rapid advance
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her behalf, saying, '*you are not half so bad as I hoped
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practice of Mr. Spencer Wells, and is reported by Dr. Parsons in the Obstet-
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patient will usually entirely escape both sore throat and eruption. A
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yet it requires some attention. Tin bottles with an air hole is
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disease in the lungs ; and that in the development of the fatty dege-
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even by the description, however detailed, at second hand from his-
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step on the road to the trans- Atlantic Telegraph was taken by
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In 1936 Dr. Pilon was honored at a testimonial dinner
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ordinary pasture, the whole of the fine surface soil to a
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penetrate the thin mucosa — as they must all include the
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Braxton Hicks examined the urine of 100 pregnant women (not stated
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All the improvements that have recently been made in
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Eastern Leprosy, Slack and White Leprosy, &c.) have been found to
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through the tendo-Acbillis are about two and a half inches in length, and the
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ing them to universities, hospitals, learned societies, in a
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Prepared and Edited, with large Additions, from the Essays on Fever in Tweedie's Library of
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the elimination of phosphoric acid by the kidneys not much is known.
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counseling for the family as well as the patient. In
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zation of the diseased joints; they place the patients in the best