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The size of the ball in form accurately represented in the woodcut.
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grams for illustrating the effects of obliquity of insertion on the
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All letters containing business communications, or referring to the
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of the arsenic. All the neuralgic pains cannot be attributed to
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ing or fixing complement in the presence of lipoids.
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in hepatitis. In fact when genuine suppuration is found, some
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colour of the floor by being thus dragged along the floor to the bed,
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also the increased size of the right bronchus when compared with the
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confine myself to chloroform, the ether is turned off when the catheter
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the study of cellular therapy, and the significance and
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2 Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London, 1897, Ixxx, 47. A System of Medicine
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course of more than ordinary severity, with a greater number of com-
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only stimulate the olfactory nerve, while ammonia and such strong substances
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the patient for me. (Plates were shown.) Two of the
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lungs Bezold found that the acid had no effect upon the discharge.
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topsy, on the next day, by Dr. Gibb, in the presence of and
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cient to excite a suspicion of the vice. The symptoms
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in both capacities commanded the respect of his nominal
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actual cautery which after thorough curettage probably
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to the length of the intervals, will constitute the first period ; the greatest
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technique, there are laboratories in many parts of the country at which
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Artificial respiration was resorted to for five hours, by which
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It shall have the power to combine, enlarge, or dis-
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■«■ Joint author of The Manual of Psychological Medicine, *0.
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of the type of what may be termed fenestrated. That is, having a central band
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below that point, and then to place a lighted alcohol or kerosene lamp
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them as involving morbid conditions would be here out of place.
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out that the amount fed to pigs is much larger in proportion to their
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slight clinical importance, but often this condition is acquired
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Bellevue Hospital, etc., jjublished in the BoUevue and Charity Hospital Reports,
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Freshman Segarra (who thinks that his boarding house does not give enough to eat) — !' Professor, Leuko-
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High School to complete his secondary education. The
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is a i)urely pigmentary affection, involving almost exclusively the
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Journal of May 31, 1831. In all, the yellowness of the skin is men-
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adopted the same plan in a case of paracentesis abdominis,
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where it ultimately gives rise to atrophy of the parenchyma of
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expressly advises that the operation be begun at the
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foot in all weathers during March, and continuously
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resection, irrigation, and drainage. After resection the pleural cavity was
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pletely recovered, yet it has been afterwards discovered that
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sion might arise with Weil's disease inasmuch as a blood smear might
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erating I have been in the habit of ascertaining with a little
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failed to have the desired effect in whatever case it has been ad-
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Notable distress attending the process of digestion, and ac-
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college, the President will remain in fact president of
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in the Petty Curry, as Dr. Haviland satisfied hi«iiself by inquiry.
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