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Fox) to state, that he has done more than any other man in the pro-
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at present pulse 148, swallows with little difficulty ; breathing
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round or invest the entire sac as in the direct inguinal protrusion.
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cups or small, thick whiskey tumblers), smear the bottom and sides
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urates. The variations in the uric acid output and in the uric acid
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reduces the albuminuria. Sodium benzoate may be prescribed as
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nated and in No. 245 in the blood as well, shows that they were
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with heat or electricity. Working from studious deductions in a
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subcutaneous injections are open to the objection that the result-
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suppressing the sugar formed in severe cases from the albuminates, than
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cludes that hydrogen dioxide, preceded by thorough cleansing with
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pears as ferrous sulphate, as at Pyrawarth (Lower Austria), Franzens-
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and the stagnant, and probably damp, air of the intervening court
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Edin., Physician to the South Devon and East Cornwall
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gerous. In death by cobra-poisoning, the blood coagulates
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by the more free admission of air and stronger draught, — by adding
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About the first week in the following May a dog with typical
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gland several months ago by Mr Sceva, had been kept, and had
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was used. The cover-glass was then transferred to a vaseline-
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pressure in the supra-pubic or iliac regions. Internally, uterus pretty
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Second Edition, revised and enlarged. London : James Walton :
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as it is not general, must be directed toward the thyroid gland and the
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tor bean (Ricinus communis) , flax seed {Linum usitatissimum) , and
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upward and outward. The splash cup was 3 inches in diameter
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estimated cost of £360,000. Each ward, for 28 beds, is 120 feet long, 28 feet
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is thrust quickly through the chest waU. A sudden lack of resistance
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Wisconsin, and Illinois," Jour. Asso. of Engineering Societies, 34, p. 335. Also,
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terval of one hour between thern, sufficed to induce refreshing sleep
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communicated with the drains, but had been trapped in what was
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in the previous experiment with the "Spaniard" organism.
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and modify the circulation of a part placed within a well-lined
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(i) the time of exposure of the test organism to the germicide; (2)
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formerly so much employed in inflammatory affections, and ap-
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The evidence is ample that trypanosomes change over into true
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alluded to, — the lofty barracks, free from overcrowding, punkahs,
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to thirty different persons. Whatever change you wish to effect
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with our present advanced knowledge and with the instruments of
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while nearly one-third give milk containing more than 1,000,000
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At 7.50, I was hurriedly called to see my patient, who had been
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Jessore in 1824-25, and gradually extended itself to districts
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there may be a definite relationship of some kind between the