tals for the purpose of being treated therein. Recogniz-
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able variations in size and shape (Fig. 3). They are not present at birth,
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joined, but the intestine above distended and that below entirely
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fermentation test for twenty-four hours, using two tubes, one con-
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cardioYascular, gastro-intestinal, and nerYous symptoms, the pecu-
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invade the tissues of insects, and to them is owing the
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(3) An ordinary mixed diet regularly contains traces of ox-
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Fig. 496 shows the thalli, mycelia, and sporules, seen in the crusts, pro-
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bers’ dues — $300,000 out of $332,000. Annual meet-
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writer made an investigation on this point and found that the dust in
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that it is the preferable operation for most removal is desirable ,it is sometimes safer
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as my usual custom, small doses of laudanum, at intervals of three
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A few months ago we had a child at Lakeside Hospital whose
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When the patient was last heard from, several weeks after the oper-
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intestinal obstruction, and as abdominal surgery is now practiced, its use in
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chloramphenicol acetyltransferase reporter assay
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tion of the sympathetic nerve is ably elucidated in an article by Dr. T. Proctor.
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with all necessity for indexing, and any number of cards may be
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that there must be a kink or adhesion, or both, about the point of
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FiELDSON and Jaby, North Street, Manchester Square.
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taught him in college, but which seldom or never is
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tion. It is perfectly harmless and may be taken without regard
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woman in labor, the accoucheur scrubs his hands and arms
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the\- are very numert)us, turn the entire nail white, or form remarka-
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mean runs parallel to the curve of the mean free HC1, at a level
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of a tumor as beginning as a glioma, and then becoming sarcomatous.
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course and clinical featiu'es are different from those of mere neiu-algia, and
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cellent observations on " the type of fevers," on " crises and
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to the age of six months, 41 per cent, were unvaccinated. The
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have other cases, the results of which are similar. The
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injuries). I am fully aw.are that I am standing on dangerous ground in pro-
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therapeutic value of the bromide of potassium in the treatment
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pitant rale that Skoda must refer, as being much more often met
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abrupt. It is insidious in those in whom some latent local tubercle has
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nausea becomes unendurable. The author of the pres-
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a genuine epidemic. The cases are sporadic ; and though in
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there is little for which to thank the powers that be
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gage foreclosed and it is financially defunct. The city
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U[)on diseases in which the htemoglobin of the blood
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able to its spread, and yet it does not ! Why ? What are
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Munro, in his house, Bank-square, High-street, Moffat, to
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lead us to suspect I cannot believe. Most of the cases I
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are restricted. Motions of wrist are nearly normal, except as to flex-
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If the pulse were feeble, stimulants were given, more or less freely, during
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which conform to no type, the precise like of which they have not seen
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ulation. Upon digital examination a foot presented, and by extraction