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sandth of a grain in the 3X potency, one tenth of a
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the purpose of determining the extent of the abscess. The incised
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of the semilunar valves, which throws them, the blood in contact with
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nosis rarely is made; many times appendiceal pathology is known
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sensation about the head, no buzzing in the ears, and no sick
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was being investigated for the costly mistakes due to official inca-
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" Syringing of the meatus for the purpose of removing this body must,
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The Phonendoscope. — The newly invented phonendoscope is designed
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district, relative to pecuniary acknowledgments from their patients ; and it should
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The proudest family of kings that ever reigned derived
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different calibres, from 6-pounders to 7-inch inclusive, on this
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Whatever may be the significance of the foregoing facts, it is impor-
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ful when the patient objects to curetting, and particularly in those cases in
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3. The Role of the Laboratory in Venereal Disease Control — Dr. R. H.
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opaque circle placed in a lens, to intercept the rays
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or an average of less than 4 each. The places reporting the disease are
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be obtained by the use of the specific gravity bottle.
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have been informed of the potential hazards. If the woman becomes pregnant while taking PRAVACHOL (prav-
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Little hope was entertained of much improvement in her
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leur est Consecutive: Oiivrage dans lequel sont Discutees Plusieurs Questions
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Very ill patients on liquid diet should have their nourishment regu-
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Advantageous use can be made of the blanching or hemos-
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" The Review gathers and sifts for you every week the world's his-
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of pus. Pus contains oil in notable quantity, this oil should dissolve the
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iiimself, of the hospital and its inmates. He stated
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plete union was obtained throughout. Fig. 29 shows the form of
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his hand ; for it is his business to provide them, and
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This association was represented at the State meeting at
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animals, and in all but one case, noted below, it is probable
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a motion of the hand without pricking him, you will
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deisch, Canara, Balaghut, and Mysore, and in the deadly Wy-
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into long threads. This is not remarkable when we remember the peculiarity
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