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application. Solutions of the iodide of potassium and of the
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ful, however, that the animals were glycogen-free before the injection.
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both ^v-ith endogenic and ^nth exogenic intoxications, probably also in such
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cipitating sera could be produced very rapidly by three daily injections of antigen,
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bacillus were found at autopsy in the blood or organs, but in only seven of
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Two small confluent pustules with separation of the horny layer.
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minimum. It is conservative to maintain that herein we have a very
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which a physical examination should be inaugurated to deter-
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no doubt that ether was often given altogether too care-
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for a week or ten days or longer at the commencement of the
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offspring? Whether, in a marriage between two relatives who are both
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nourishment well from the time that the eruption appears on the skin.
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Pfeiffer's bacillus, and Streptococcus viridans intravenously. In these
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be paid to ventilation ; dry canvas allows some penetration of air,
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ozone was prevention of the development of bacteria^
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corrosives or irritants, or from the ingestion of excessively
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of our most valuable agents, acting as a uterine tonic, and gradually
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them, they will not care anything about it. You can then let
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centrated action of the gastric juice of bacteria contained in ingested masses
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greatly in size, ranging from the one hundred thousandth of
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I am indebted to the politeness of Professor Knight, for the fol-
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conftitute the name of a fpecies of that difeafe. I
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the fit came on, giving it to a dog, whereby the malady
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Lettsom and Sir Gilbert Blane estimated the smallpox death-rate in
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disease of which they died, and showing the manner in which
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120, quick, and weak; skin cool; tongue moist. Prefers
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added to the organic. Great attention to the general health,
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of this disease, I should follow the example of most medical writers.
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Failure in this case was due to the fact that the kangaroo tendon
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Address, GEO. C, PITZER, M. D., 1110 Chambers Street, St. Louis, Mo.
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son. Not to any original evil in nature or disposition is his seeming
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there would be an accentuated pulmonary second sound, not an extensive
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