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fered with by the cells of the epithelial layer of these parts being more con-
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The connective tissue was more than twice the amount
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We find these Black Tumors have every feature of malignancy, contrary
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ginning just above the spine of the pubis, and extending
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the femur. The tendon of the sartorius is now freed by dividing the
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If the serum be injected immediately after the reception of the virus, a larger
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intent to kilL A number of colored men got into a street
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some of our methods, but we have outlived the dread lest
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peritonitis if there is a rapidly increasing pulse, and in spite of stimu-
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an analogous work to Faraday's " Chemical Manipulation," and other
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Uterine Derangements. — I have used Aletris Cordial in my practice for over a
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under 5, while those destroyed by war are adults and the most virile of
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face of gelatine, in a short time so alter the nutritive
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tention. Haberda finds that the damage to the cervix is usually a groove-
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smouldering congestion, it will take but little to light the fire of
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branches there is an abundant watery secretion, poor in solids, while after
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upon the modification which the treatment requires during the con-
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after personal inspection, can fully endorse this motor,
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of such information printed hand-bills or placards may
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value under the title of etablissement hydrosudopathique). Here too are Pike's
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vestigate its phenomena with that concentration which is
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years, been circulated through the various medical periodicals, and as the sub-
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spasm is that it attacks muscles which are not supplied exclusively by a
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scope to ; and that the impossibility of moving has prevented them
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pleural, and pericardial sacs ; the subcutaneous tissues of the legs,
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sions which had not recovered over a period of years.
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through a small-sized cannula. On August 1, 5 pints of pus
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solution. The amount of serum given was always well below that causing liver
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