it is excellent, it could not be better. But it is useless
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eye or nose. When, therefore, we administer an emetic — tartar
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acters and the light-green glaucus color constant. It is abuoda
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Conditions of this nature are most conducive to the spread of
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quency and conditions of invasion of this bacillus into the tissues of the
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if the doctor had the judgment or authority to operate within the
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be discussed below. The other lesion I have encountered in swine
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the clavicle. The right radial pulse was distinctly weaker
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Eeynal, Gerlach, Roloff, Eychner, E611, Lafosse, Flem
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outline of this beautiful form reproduces that serpentine, fire-flame
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sewage products, it is less so than Robertson's. Such waters are in niany
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oil and laudanum), following this up by slightty stimulat-
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" The tongue is covered with a thick, yellowish incrustation; but the patient
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ic articles, based on research, original concepts relative to
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tive series of proteins an amount of free amino nitrogen equal in all
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peculiar, and resembled that of moist clay. Specific gravity
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WliHt cull bu 8ui(l of Holgiiiin in thiH roi^iird cmi \m
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also observed }u all stages. Moreover, Mr. Hulke has also seen ^ small filmy blood
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very : for in a woman who lay in for the firft time,
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October 20, 1910).^ Graham Little had brought forward a case of
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mingled, for one lesion may abolish the sensations over different
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\vas that they had appeared, without being preceded by a hysterical
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the true nature of the disease not revealed, are cleared up by the
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rest, so that the stay would have to be prolonged, and
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very little, if any, of the renal substance remained.
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in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: International Print-
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the development of modern medicine. By James J. Walsh,
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Otorhinolaryngologist, New York Hospital. Assistant
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all venereal taint. He is not subject to tonsilitis or sore throat.
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