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(containing sulphate of iron) have been administered

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sions which had not recovered over a period of years.

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the hair thrives and the scalp is cleansed. Many sharp

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appeared on the German veterinary arena, if not of the world, I

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Cholera.* — MM. Rayer and Young undertook a second series of

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ment of the bowels, and to secure adhesive inflamma-

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mously increased (from 4 to 8 times). Under the stimulus of

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cury" asserts that the worst case of small-pox can be cured in

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hemorrhages. Two observations between attacks showed 8,000 to 14,000. The

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In Nova Scotia the fine is payable, one-half to the city, town or

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worse than useless. Careful packing with cotton-wool is the

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and weighed 7h lbs. The patient made a complete recovery.

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Seymour, Stephen Mark Durham, North Carolina May 12, 1949

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pain and the after-continuous pain referred to the region of the

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recognised, and its specific characters described by Bollinger (2).

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discharge over the painful part, together with a general application

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lines from their point of origin. Any other symptoms or manifesta-

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or partial discharge of the softened matter by the bronchial tubes.

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Taylor, Isaac M., on "The need of greater care in making Ex-

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play a prominent part in its pathology. The writer is inclined to regard

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either comfortably seated or standing, stillness being enjoined, and

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into consideration all the small subsequent oscillations, and con-

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otheruterineaffectionjthedeviationbeinginitselfavery harmless affair.