as his one favorite prescription for premature senility.

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racteristic, being a circumscribed gangrenous patch, in the

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We consider the school-room a very strong factor of ade-

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will bring about a special development of the bust, not-

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is so slight an antiseptic that preservatives are commonly 1

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normal eye increases the suffering of the diseased one, and that

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always through the combined action of two or three simultaneously

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as the first step to the sympathetic ophthalmia. The indication

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striated and those of smooth muscular fibre than that resulting

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1. ** That the ABSociation desires to express its decided approval

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nine rabbits and two dogs, but, to our regret, with negative results.

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never regularly more than one or two of such nucleated corpuscles

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be immediately followed by another work by the same eminent practitioner.

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may precede the lung involvement by months; (8) onset I

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and death, in the navy. It is on the China station where these

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scarlatina and typhus, typhoid and rheumatic fevers.

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The treatment in these cases, during my attendance, consisted chiefly in

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the term catarrhal ctffections, Dr. Marrotte indicates a number of

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mula invented by Baron Liebig, which has raised expectation

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Aneurism, with Clinical Remarks. By John Adams. — The

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pointed, the edges marked by a deep red border, having the appearance of

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it is observed that the mean duration of life is greater for females than for males.

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Toxicology^ Forennc Medicine, and Mygih^e. By BbkjamiK W. RioBaBI)-

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constituting an important clue to their nature. We might

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increase in quantity of that tissue^ so that it gradually usurps

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effervescence, and the solution became suddenly yellowish-red, then

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second, petit mal; the last, Jacksonian epilepsy. Attacks

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It was brought to her room, and Miss Le Brun, who was then in bed in

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Dr. Kidd has figured the instrument, which he thinks nearly

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overflows the hyo-epiglottidean folds, and even the free border of the

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cirrhosis in the liver, and the same contraction and condensa-

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operator depresses the tongue with his forefinger and slips in the

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is alike honourable to him and advantageous to the school.

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munication with Constantinople and with the town of Dardanelles,