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the utterly untrustworthy nature of the grounds upon which
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lemia. In'iuiry from Committee on Medical Charities as to "wage limit"
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cyst cavity at once and omit the drain. In the case of the
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the new titles have already leavened military custom aud tradition, and
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which they are specialised are closely connected with those
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ing those nearest .to London) are defenceless, others have
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and lively, and again enjoyed life. She had greatly decreased
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just stated, there is an absence of the throat lesion and that
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culty in replacing the sutured gut. He considered that
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same, namely, left ear ordinary voice, 6 to 12 inches; right
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Excellent chapters follow on the Poor-law infirmaries, hos-
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of Health for the Halstead Urban Sanitary District.
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supplies as facile princeps the vehicle of cholera propagation,
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containing a red and a green nucleus under Biondi's reagent,
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important questions would come up for debate it tlie hospital
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Institute of Public Health are not approved of by some of its
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rhage was the cause of the knots and not the reverse. The
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fessor of Physiology in the Sydney University, has been appointed Medi-
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Hurgeon-Lieutenant-Colnnel T. C. H. Spencer, Madras Establishment,
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On the other end of this rod is a screw-thread, on which the
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to operation and while a preliminary attempt was being
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in the strongest manner against the Bill introduced into
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absence of this ferment grape sugar is not destroyed.
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sewer of the emigrants' barracks discharges into the river.
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thus raised to 30,590, as compared with 22,200 in 1876. This
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spores have great permanent vitality, soon die in deep well
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removed a number of daughter cysts from the liver, after
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case, lost no time in addressing to him a calmly courteous and digni-
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health. The temperature was not easily raised, whereas in
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either through nervousness or whim of the examiner. I have no doubt
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usually described under the general term of " surgical kid-
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fully, and he was treated for suppression and not retention of urine.
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nesium sulphate suggests that the proteids present are globu-
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duties of those who escaped, and of those attacked. It is
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_ Mr. Tebb appears not to give much weight to the considera-
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its face, with the hips raised. Next he found that where he
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